Why name my company Raven Hollow Guild?

Many design companies whether in the floral, event, production, fashion industries use a principle designers name as the name of the company. I felt that for my company I wanted to build an alias that inspired the imagination and also symbolized a place where creativity  brings artists together to collaborate. I am nothing without a great team to help me realize either my vision for my clients or bringing my clients vision to life. Raven's are my favorite bird as they are very intelligent, curious and creative. Hollow in nature is a small valley, mostly found in forests. We create so much beauty using flowers, greenery, branches and vines that it felt natural. Guild is an homage to the medieval trades which would now be called cooperatives. In the event industry many different vendors who specialize in different elements of an event come together to achieve the same end goal. Putting it all together you get Raven Hollow Guild.


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Raven Hollow Guild Inc. was founded by Jade Rojas in November of 2013. A native New Yorker with more than twenty years of experience in the event industry. Over the course of 15 years she honed her design skills working for some of the top floral designers, event designers and production companies in New York City and the world before starting her own creative design company. Jade has always been an artistic individual. Straight out of high school she gained acceptance into the Fashion Institute of Technologies Illustration program with her drawing portfolio. While studying at FIT she began freelancing as a florist for a high end french florist with billionaire clients. And the rest is as they say.... is history. Jade combines her love of film, architecture, interior design, floral design, construction and art into each and every collaboration with her clients. Together with her amazing crew of artists and production fabricators, designers the RH Guild team can transform any project, activation, installation, event into a phenomenal experience for your target clientele